ROES Has Changed. Here is What You Need to Know to Start Placing Orders Today.

For the past few months we’ve been working closely with our ROES developers to improve your ordering experience at D&M Imaging. The goal was to simplify and organize ROES, our photo ordering software. Here are a few changes you need to know about.

The New Home Screen. Five Things to Know

To follow along you can launch ROES by clicking here. Below is a graphic of our new Home screen in ROES. This is the very first thing that appears once ROES is launched. Here are five changes you should be aware of.

  1. The bar at the top: There are 4 tabs at the top: Home, Products, Cart, History & Saved Carts. The Home tab will always take you to the landing page in ROES, as demonstrated in the graphic below. The Products tab links you to our Catalogs from which you can select a desired product. The Cart tab will show you how many items you’ve added to your cart. The History tab displays a list of orders you’ve recently placed or saved.
  2. The sidebar on the right: Another easy way to access our products is to click on the Start Ordering button. Below it you can view your order(s) by clicking on the Show Cart button. From this menu you can also view Order History and get help by clicking on the red Get Help button.
  3. My Information: To log into ROES, type in your customer information. Current customers should see the log-in fields auto-populated. But, if not, you’ll need your customer account number. We can help. Just give us a call at 1.800.928.9550 or request it by email here. If you’re a new customer and you don’t have an account number, simply type New in the Account Number field.
  4. The home screen menu: Now you can easily access our Catalogs simply by clicking on one of the items from the Home screen menu. For example, if you need to print proofs, simply click on Proofing.
  5. Diagnostic tools: Once in a while you may have to clear ROES cache in order to improve its performance. Simply go to the bottom right corner of the Home page and click on Diagnostic Tools.


How to Place Orders in New ROES

We’ve made it super easy. To start click on Products. See where it says Catalogs, in the top left corner? Click on that drop-down-menu and select a desired catalog.

Image Options

Your image options are on the right. It’s all one window now! No more dealing with opening and closing the sizes pallet or the options pallet.

Importing Images

Now you can  import images from more than one folder at a time. In addition, you can now drag and drop images directly from your desktop into ROES just by highlighting the image and dragging it over. It is still recommended that you organize your image files into unique folders, but now you can place multiple photo shoots into the same order by merely opening the additional folders.

How to Order in New ROES

The Shopping Cart

Notice the Tool Bar in the graphic below. Here you can add quantity, rotate layouts, add to order or view your shopping cart. When you click “Add to Order”, your image goes into the cart and out of the ordering pane. To ensure an item as been added to the cart,  click View Cart. 

Rotating Images

To rotate your images, click inside the image you have added to the image template. A new option will appear that allows you to lock, crop, and rotate your image.

Rotate Images in ROES

Color Corrected & Print and Ship

Color Correct and Print & Ship catalogs have been combined. We will print every order without color correction unless the Color Correct option is selected at the checkout. At the checkout you can also name your order, add special instructions, edit items added to your cart, and more.

Color Correcting in ROES

Need Help? Let Us Know

To learn more, click here to visit our ROES help page. You can also ask questions in the comments area below or call our customer service at 1.800.928.9550. What do you think about the new changes in Roes?

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