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Photo Splits

Split one image into a cluster of images and you’ll get Photo Splits. In our photo ordering software, you can split a single image into multiple pieces and mount those pieces on 3/4″ stand out mounts which when hung together give your image an artistic and a contemporary style. Your customers are going to love our Photo Splits on their wall.

PhotoSplits are impressive, and they can be made even more impressive when you order them with decor-friendly Red Oak or Birchwood edges on them. Or, how about a Stainless Steel edge for a Metallic Print? It’s all available in the Options palette of our ordering software.

    Photo Splits Qualities

  • Photo Splits come with pre-drilled holes in the back to make installation a snap!
  • A choice of finishing options, such as Red Oak, Birch Wood or a Stainless Steel Edge.
  • The back has an invisible moisture barrier to prevent warping. Available in ¾” depth.

Sizes & Pricing

PhotoSplits are created using the packager feature in ROES. You can make any combination of print sizes into PhotoSplits and you can use more than one image which you might want to do if you were creating a wall display. We’ve provided pricing for some of the common sizes of PhotoSplits, but we encourage you to experiment in ROES with different print sizes. Just choose either the Lab Corrected or the Color Corrected catalog and click on the packager button. For help using ROES’s packager feature, please give us a call. It’s easy to do but only if someone’s walked you through it once. Our customer service representatives will be more than happy to help you.

Color Corrected PhotoSplits (E-surface)  
8×30$70.008×30 (3-8x10s) PhotoSplit
8×36$77.008×36 (3-8x12s)PhotoSplit
10×20$48.0010×20 (2-10x10s)PhotoSplit
16×20$97.5016×20 (4-8x10s) PhotoSplit
20×20$147.5020×20 (4-10x10s) PhotoSplit
Print & Ship PhotoSplits (E-surface)
8×30$65.008×30 (3-8x10s) PhotoSplit
8×36$72.008×36 (3-8x12s)PhotoSplit
10×20$45.0010×20 (2-10x10s)PhotoSplit
16×20$90.2516×20 (4-8x10s) PhotoSplit
20×20$144.5020×20 (4-10x10s) PhotoSplit
Metallic Color Corrected PhotoSplits
8×30$80.008×30 (3-8x10s) Metallic PhotoSplit
8×36$87.008×36 (3-8x12s) MetallicPhotoSplit
10×20$58.0010×20 (2-10x10s)Metallic PhotoSplit
16×20$107.5016×20 (4-8x10s) Metallic PhotoSplit
20×20$157.5020×20 (4-10x10s) Metallic PhotoSplit
Metallic Print & Ship PhotoSplits
8×30$75.008×30 (3-8x10s) Metallic PhotoSplit
8×36$82.008×36 (3-8x12s) Metallic PhotoSplit
10×20$55.0010×20 (2-10x10s Metallic PhotoSplit
16×20$99.2516×20 (4-8x10s) Metallic PhotoSplit
20×20$152.5020×20 (4-10x10s) Metallic PhotoSplit
Diamond Color Corrected PhotoSplits
8×30$88.008×30 (3-8x10s) Diamond PhotoSplit
8×36$95.008×36 (3-8x12s) DiamondPhotoSplit
10×20$68.0010×20 (2-10x10s Diamond PhotoSplit
16×20$115.5016×20 (4-8x10s) Diamond PhotoSplit
20×20$165.5020×20 (4-10x10s) Diamond PhotoSplit
Diamond Print & Ship PhotoSplits
8×30$85.008×30 (3-8x10s) Diamond PhotoSplit
8×36$92.008×36 (3-8x12s) Diamond PhotoSplit
10×20$65.0010×20 (2-10x10s) Diamond PhotoSplit
16×20$112.5016×20 (4-8x10s) Diamond PhotoSplit
20×20$162.5020×20 (4-10x10s) Diamond PhotoSplit
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