Project Description

Photo Buttons

Make each player feel special with a unique 3 inch photo buttons. Our photo buttons are a great way to boost your sales in the event market, as are magnets and key-chains. They feature a photo with a pin backing. Use Roes, our Remote Order Entry Software, to order your buttons today.

What’s Special About Our Photo Buttons?

Event Deluxe or Event Basic. Which One Will You Choose?

You’ll find photo buttons in the events section of our ROES software. Choose our Events Deluxe catalog in ROES if you need color correction. Choose the Events Basic catalog if you’re submitting studio corrected images. Studio corrected means you color correct your images. Lab corrected implies that we are color correcting your images for you. Events Deluxe is a catalog for images that require lab correction; Events Basic is catalog for studio corrected images.

Print Sizes & Pricing

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3 Inches$1.62
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