Project Description

Masonite Boards for Photo Prints

Your prints are mounted on 1/8-inch masonite boards. Masonite boards are high-end solid products with long-lasting durability. These brown photo mounting boards provide added strength to your prints. You can select a masonite board in the image options, located in Roes, our photo ordering software. Available in select sizes.

Benefits of Masonite Boards

  • Less susceptible to warping.
  • Solid, quality board for rich prints.
  • Finish off with pro texture for a truly professional appearance

Sizes & Pricing

Navigate through our print sizes and pricing below. If you need help, please call or email us. Our customer service representatives will be more than happy to help you.

SizeMasonite. 1/8th Inch
8×10 or Smaller$6.30
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