Project Description

A Well Calibrated Monitor is a Valuable Commodity

We want you to get the absolute best value for your lab dollar. In addition, we want you to have the confidence of knowing that every order you send to D&M Imaging will come back to you with the very color you expect to see. The best way to do that is to calibrate your monitor. And that starts with calibration test prints.

To get you started on the right foot, we offer free calibration prints through our Remote Order Entry Software (ROES). Just launch ROES, navigate to the Calibration Test Prints catalog, upload four of your images and send them to us. We will send your prints back to you right away at absolutely no charge. We are going to print them exactly as they come into us – which will allow you to see how closely your monitor matches our printers.

Now, which four images should you send?

We recommend you send the following: one color, one black & white, one outdoor, and one more of your choosing. If you regularly add special effects to your images in Photoshop, we recommend that fourth image be one of those.

What do I need to know about monitor calibration?

We’ve outlined monitor calibration for you in one of our blog posts: How Monitor Calibration Improves Your Print Quality.

If you’re working on a laptop, will that affect your calibration?

At this point, we need to add a word of caution about laptops and pads. While incredibly convenient, allowing you to work from just about anywhere, you cannot control your color adequately without a good monitor. The monitor attached to a laptop, or that of a pad, simply doesn’t have the fine color and contrast adjustment controls of a desktop monitor.

What part does light play in color consistency?

The answer to that question is yet another strike against the laptop/pad as a vehicle for color consistency. Controlling the light in your surroundings is a key element in getting consistently reliable color from your monitor. Each time you open a laptop, or carry it to a different venue, you change the amount and direction of light which in turn changes the colors you’re seeing on the monitor. If you’re committed to working on laptop or pad, we recommend you allow your professional lab to handle the color correction for you.

Why does color correction cost more?

Our color technicians have years of experience hitting the unique color choices of our client base. As color is subjective, meaning we don’t all see it exactly the same way, we take the time to get to know your color preferences and to give you prints that match your preference. In addition, we guarantee the color of the prints that you’ve asked us to color correct for you. So, if you’re not happy with the color of the finished print, we reprint it at no additional charge to you.

What’s the next step and what if I need help?

If you’ve reached this point, your next step is to launch ROES right now. Then, choose the Calibration Test Prints catalog, import your images, and then send them off to us. Before you know it, you’ll have the physical prints in your hands.

But if you need help, real-live people answer our phones Monday-Friday from 9A-5P CST. Give us a call at 800.928.9550.