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Free graphic design for photographers

Free Graphic Design if It’s Not in ROES

Have you ever worked with a lab that offers free graphic design? At D&M Imaging, we’re on hand to create special designs at your specific direction. So, we offer free custom design. Need a memory mate for a special sports event?  Have a customer who wants a special greeting card design?  Need special colors specific to your high school environment for press products? We do not charge for our free graphic design services as long as we can make the same generic (in other words, not customer specific) design available to our other customers in Roes, our photo ordering software.

How long does it take to complete a free custom design?

Well, we need a couple of days to complete the design, email you a proof, and make corrections at your direction. Your design is then uploaded to Roes, our photo ordering software, for you to use at your leisure.

Can I use my designs in ROES?

Yes. We have blank templates into which you can import your own creation. However, if you’d like one of your designs to be uploaded to Roes permanently, we can do that as well, so long as a temporary design is not personalized with a logo or a company name. For such designs, we require either PSD or PNG.

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