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Finishing Sample Set

Photographer’s finishing sample set is available in six select finishes for your clients to see and touch before making their purchasing decisions. Each 8×8 print is mounted on beveled masonite and includes a walnut wood holder for attractively displaying all six items. Each finishing sample set is small enough to fit anywhere in your studio.

Finishing Sample Set Options

To appreciate the true quality of our samples, you’ve got to see them in person! In the meantime, navigate through the graphics above to see what the texture looks like at an extreme closeup.

A beautiful linen embossing mimicking a fine, irregular canvas.
A  five layer spray that is the ultimate protection for a print. Scratch resistant, water resistant, easy to remove fingerprints, almost bulletproof.
Same as protexture except the print is metallic paper. All the protection of pro-texture with the bonus of the metallic colors bursting through.
Vibrant and rich in detail with pebble-like texture.
A pearl finish with just the right amount of toning down for those that don’t care for shiny prints. Because it’s lacquer it’s water resistant too and any fingerprinting is easier to remove.
A clear finish that adds a little shine to the image. Because it’s lacquer it’s water resistant too and any fingerprinting will be easier to remove.

How to Order

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