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DM Imaging Bevel Boards

Bevel Mounts in Black, Gold & Silver

Bevel mounts are heavier and much like Diamond Six Pack, they are substantial enough to stand on its own. You can choose from three different bevel mounts styles:  gold, silver, or black. Bevel mounts make stunning table top easel displays adding a level of sophistication for your customer’s cherished images. They’re also easy to frame.

Bevel Mounts Tips & Facts

  • Choose from Gold, Silver or Black
  • Great for table top easel displays!
  • Why not add pro-texture? Check it out.
  • They look vibrant and sparkly on Metallic Paper.

How to Order

You’ll find bevel boards as an option in ROES, our Remote Order Entry Software, and as a finishing service in Express Digital.  In ROES, just open the Options palette, click on Bevel Mount, and choose your color.

Your customers are going to love the classic beauty of our bevel boards, adding a touch of sophistication to your images. Looking for an add-on sale item?  How about a table top easel to hold those Beveled Prints?

Sizes & Pricing

Navigate through our print sizes and pricing below. If you need help, please call or email us. Our customer service representatives will be more than happy to help you.

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