Project Description


Stand-Off Mount

Acrylic Art… the latest in photo wall decor!

We are so excited to bring you an edgy and beautiful way for you to celebrate your customers’ photos, artwork, and memorabilia. It’s here – face mounted Acrylic! Bring out the contrast and details in your photo with this stunning medium.

Acrylic Art demands visual attention and gives photos vibrancy, pop and LIFE! Perfect for display in homes or businesses. Acrylic Art is an ideal creative solution for the following applications and many more!

  • Portrait Photography, especially weddings and families
  • Commercial Interiors, increase your B2B offering
  • Vintage/Heritage Imagery
  • Commercial Signage

Now here’s the technical details

First we print your image on Kodak’s metallic paper. As you know, metallic paper oozes with pop and sizzle, making colors more vibrant and giving your whole image a stronger statement.  That metallic print is then mounted to .040″ black styrene before receiving a 1/4″ edge-polished, acrylic face-mount.  Sizes from 8×10 up to 30×40 are available in our Remote Order Entry Software, ROES.

Choose your hanging system, if you want one

Order your acrylic prints with or without a hanging system. We give you two hanging system options.

  1. 1/2″ aluminum self-leveling hanging system (comes standard)
  2. Stand-off mounts

A word on the stand-off mount hanging option

One caution on hanging system options. Stand-off mounts are affixed by drilling holes directly into the face of the print. As you can imagine, this does act as a disruption to the flow of the image. You’d want to be especially sure that your image is free of critical elements in each of the four corners of the image where holes will have to be drilled in order to provide for the stand-off mounting system. Installation of the stand-off mounting system requires a drill, a screwdriver, and a level. (Ya know, “some assembly required”.) In addition, of course, you have to make certain that when you install them, you aren’t drilling into anything behind the wall. (That would be what we would call a beginner’s mistake. haha)

The stand-off mounting system is an add-on option. An additional $50 per print will be added for the four stand-offs needed to affix Acrylic Art to the wall.

You’ll find Acrylic Art in our ROES system under Studio Corrected Products > Acrylic Art. Given the difficulty of producing Acrylic Art it is not available as a color corrected product, and is not subject to remakes.

Acrylic Art Pricing