Photoshop World Las Vegas Keynote 2013 Highlights. What You Need to Know

If you missed the Photoshop World Las Vegas Keynote this week, here is a chance to catch up so that you’re not left behind. Since our creative process is always changing with the advent of newer and improved technology, it’s important for photographers and designers alike to keep up. Here is my recap of the Photoshop World Las Vegas Keynote 2013.

Photoshop & Photography // Brooke Shaden

Photoshop insider, Scott Kelby, introduced the Photoshop World Las Vegas Keynote 2013. Kelby shared the stage with brilliant people such as Matt Klosowski and Julieanne Kost. After a few announcements, creative minds started flooding the stage, starting with the extremely skilled fine art photographer, Brooke Shaden. Brooke Shaden talked about her journey through Photoshop, praising one of her favorite tools: the eraser.

She claims she’s not the most advanced person, but she’s learning all the time. As she spoke, a large screen above the stage showed her creative work process. Before becoming a successful artist, Shaden asked herself what she needed to do in Photoshop in order to become a pro. To find out you’ll have to watch the keynote.  (The video below is not the video Shaden presented at the Photoshop World Las Vegas Keynote 2013)

The Creative Horizon // Winston Hendrickson

Winston Hendrickson, the vice president of engineering for Adobe’s digital imaging products, spoke about how the creative process has changed since the invention of the camera. He briefly mentioned image montage, retouching, and people who extend the creative horizon, such as Maggie Taylor, whose wonderful portfolio you should check out!

Mobile Editing: The Future of Adobe Lightroom

Tom Hogarty, Lightroom product manager, says that soon we’ll be able to log into Lightroom, unlock sets of images and view and edit them on our mobile devices. Something called Smart Preview will enable large images, like RAW files, to be viewed and edited on devices such as the iPad. Once our images are enhanced on the iPad, or on another device, the adjustments will be synced to our desktop.

The new Lightroom will allow us to enlist friends to help us review and critique our images. We’ll be able to instantly pull together a web gallery which will be shared through Behance. Selections and masking will also be possible through mobile technology. According to Adobe, the future software will not only be more powerful, but easier to use, and with less menus.

Photoshop World Las Vegas Keynote

Behance & The Creative Cloud // Julieanne Kost

Digital imaging evangelist, Julieanne Kost, covered the basics on how we can improve our workflow and our projects through Creative Cloud and Behance. She encourages photographers and designers to collaborate with creative individuals.

Behance, a community of over a million creative individuals, can help us achieve creative collaboration. It allows us to keep in touch with talented photographers and designers, where we can view their latest projects and share our own. Kost claims that this is a perfect source for influence and inspiration and a great place for feedback.

Photoshop World Las Vegas Keynote

Adobe’s Biggest Announcement // $9.99/Month

Besides the awesome Perspective Warp tool, Adobe announced a special program. Photoshop, Lightroom, Behance, and some storage, can be accessed for only $9.99/month. This is not a temporary price and Adobe has no plans changing this. But, you do have to have a valid CS3 serial number.

Your Thoughts Matter. Whatcha Think?

What did you think of this years Photoshop World Las Vegas Keynote? It seems that we are slowly moving away from desktops to mobile devices. How do you feel about all of this? Be the first to share your thoughts in the comments area below.

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