Photoshop CC. What Photographers
Need to Know

Do you know how much money you’ll spend on Photoshop CC? You may be paying over $200 per year, but that’s just the beginning. From CS to CC, Creative Cloud changes everything with more connected tools and services, according to Adobe. But what does that mean for us photographers? Let’s focus on Photoshop CC to find out how Creative Cloud will affect  the wallets of those photographers who are wanting to upgrade.

From CS to CC. What is the Biggest Difference?

This year, 2013, Adobe ended perpetual software licensing for Adobe Creative Suite (CS) by moving to a subscription based service, known as Creative Cloud (CC). This means that we are no longer able to buy Photoshop, but are asked to pay a monthly/annual fee in order to use Adobe applications, such as Photoshop CC.

As discussed in the previous article, The Death of Photoshop As You Know It, with a Creative Cloud membership we can view all the Adobe applications. Once logged in, we can download Photoshop CC and use it offline or online. However, Adobe asks that you validate your license once a month, which will require internet access, so you better be online! But should you really update to Photoshop CC? Let’s find out.

Who Should Get Photoshop CC?

It all depends on your needs and how you process digital images. Anyone currently using CS or CS3 will welcome the updates in CS4 through CC. If you’re a photographer who prefers keeping up with the ever-changing technology, you may want to sign up for a Creative Cloud Membership. And let’s keep in mind that Adobe will no longer release significant updates for the Creative Suite. Their focus is on the Creative Cloud and its subscribers. But how much will the upgrade to CC cost?

Creative Cloud Pricing

Adobe is offering discounted membership to CS5-CS6 customers, but you’ll have to visit their website for full details. In the meantime, I’ll mention two Creative Cloud plans that are more affordable.

Single App Plan—Annual $19.99/month

With this plan you can download one application, such as Photoshop CC. It’s great if the only thing you need is Photoshop CC.

  • 20GB of cloud storage
  • Requires annual commitment; billed monthly

Complete Plan for Individuals—Annual $49.99/month

If you’re a photographer and a designer, I’d recommend this plan.

  • Full versions of desktop applications — Adobe Photoshop®, Illustrator®, Acrobat®…
  • Full access to services to help create mobile-ready content and apps
  • 20GB of cloud storage
  • Requires annual commitment; billed monthly

What Do You Think?

Digital Photography Review says that this change is unsettling for many people who have thought of Adobe software as a one-off purchase. So what do you think? Will you become one of the 700,000+ subscribers to Adobe Creative Cloud? Can you justify the cost? See what others are saying and share your thoughts in the comments area below.

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