Our Blog: Photoshop Tips, Good Ideas, & Random Thoughts

/Our Blog: Photoshop Tips, Good Ideas, & Random Thoughts

Designing Like a Pro: Top 3 Predesigned Websites for Photographers

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Learn how you can create a professional photography website within minutes. In this week's blog post I'll show you three exceptional predesigned website templates for photographers, which will inspire you to move in a new direction. Let's have a look.

6 Professional Monitors for Professional Photographers

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You've got professional camera equipment, but what about a professional monitor? If we are printing and have an online presence, while striving for accuracy, then we should have a good monitor. But what is a good monitor? Which one should we get? Find out.

What Photographers Ought to Know About Bit Depth. 8 Bit vs 16 Bit Images

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Have you ever wondered what the difference was between 16 and 8 bit? Have you tried both and there seems to be no difference? There is a huge difference and it matters. Find out.

Here is a Quick Way to Demystify Histograms

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How often do you use your camera's histogram? Do you depend on the camera's LCD for accuracy when it comes to proper exposure, or do you consult the histogram? Today we are discussing the importance of understanding histograms…

Now You Can Have a Better Understanding of Image Aspect Ratios

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An aspect ratio is used to determine the ratio between the width and the height of an image and it depends on the type of camera a photographer uses. Image aspect ratios play a huge role when it comes to printing. Find out how…