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/Our Blog: Photoshop Tips, Good Ideas, & Random Thoughts

5 Benefits of Business Downtime and What You Can Do To Improve For the Next Season

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As a photographer, do you worry about money in your downtime? Are you on a tight budget? If you answered yes to both questions, it may be a good sign! Let's discuss 5 things to improve during business downtime.

Folder Organization: How to Manage Your Images Intelligently and Work Faster

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Because photographers, like you, want to manage hundreds of images and files efficiently, it’s necessary that they are properly organized and archived for quick and easy retrieval. The solution to a messy desktop, and hard-to-find files, is rooted in a hierarchical folder structure.

Photoshop CC. What Photographers Need to Know

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Do you know how much money you’ll spend on Photoshop CC? You may be paying over $200 per year, but that’s just the beginning. From CS to CC, Creative Cloud changes everything with more connected tools and services. But what does that mean for us photographers?

How to Deal With Difficult Customers and Get Paid

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"You're an awful photographer. These pictures are terrible...Look, you didn't even get the pose I wanted. And her hair looks terrible. How could you have missed that?" That is the sound of a customer who is either repellent or right... And you know what everyone says about customers? A customer is always right! But is that really true? Is your customer always right?...

CD’s Are Going Away—How to Backup Your Computer

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CD's are dying, and chances are that wherever your floppy disks are, that's where your current CD's will end up...very soon. Find out what you can do to backup your computer, images, and other important files.

The Death of Photoshop as You Know it. How Adobe Plans to Charge You

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You may want to reconsider upgrading to Adobe Creative Suite 6 (CS6), and let's find out why. Adobe announced their plans to discontinue the Creative Suite standalone upgrades, as Photoshop moves to subscription.