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/Our Blog: Photoshop Tips, Good Ideas, & Random Thoughts

Discover a New Photography Domain Name That Makes Your Business Memorable

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Do you ever receive offers which make you feel that if you don't purchase the advertised item right away, you'll never have it? That happened to me last night when I got an email from the company that hosts my photography website. Here is what happened. A great headline, and two effective bullet points prompted me to the checkout, without thinking at all. But then I stopped myself before processing the payment. Let me tell you what I found out, because you need to be aware of this before someone else steals what you can easily have.

Now You Can Be in Charge of Naming This Mysterious Product and Get 25% Off When It’s Released

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We want you to be in charge of helping us name this product that no other lab has. It's a photo block, but much more than that... Here is some information that will help you decide...

Photoshop Photography Program: Meet The Deadline in 2 Days or Pay Double the Price

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If you're planning on dropping Photoshop, and switching to another photo editing software, then you can stop reading. Otherwise, you may want to know about Adobe's new Photoshop Photography Program deadline.

6 Steps to Creating Custom Greeting Cards in Photoshop Within 5 Minutes

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Imagine your customers or loved ones receiving identical holiday greeting cards from different people. This is typical in the retail word, and to truly stand out, you can create custom greeting cards in Photoshop. The process of creating greeting cards in Photoshop is fun and easy, as long as you have the basic understanding of Photoshop Layers, Blending Modes, and know how to erase. Let's see how it's done.

2 Easy Ways to Quickly Dodge and Burn in Camera Raw and Lightroom

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If you dodge and burn in Photoshop, you know that the process can be time consuming. Dodging and burning with layers, in a non-destructive way, requires even more attention, and it's messier. So why strain your eyes in front of that monitor more than you have to, when you can dodge and burn in Camera Raw or Lightroom? Let me demonstrate.

How to Enhance Backgrounds in Camera Raw 8 Without Photoshop’s Daunting Layers

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Photoshop layers still confuse many professional and amateur photographers. But the great thing is that if you shoot raw files, a simpler, yet a non-destructive, process can be implemented. Let me show you what I mean by demonstrating how I enhance backgrounds in Camera Raw 8, without layers, and without the need to save my files!