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ROES (Remote Order Entry Software)

For our online photo print service, we use a downloadable software, known as ROES (Remote Order Entry Software),  for two reasons: to maximize both your security & ours, and to provide for the integrity of your file transfer.  ROES is designed to provide as safe a data network as possible for your personal information.  While there is no full-proof system, the software we use maximizes your security.  It also prevents us from accepting any images that could contain harmful viruses or malware.  Sometimes, your image can be infected and you don’t even realize it, especially if it’s an image that you received from someone else.

In addition, while many forms of image transfer cause degradation in your image, our software maintains the integrity of your electronic image with absolutely no loss of image quality.

If you’re using our ROES platform for the first time, and you don’t have a D&M customer number, you can simply put the word NEW in the account number field. Once your order arrives at D&M a unique customer number will be generated using the information you provide in the ROES check out process. Please be sure all of the information you provide is spelled correctly, especially your email address, as those fields will be auto-filled into our customer management software.

To launch ROES, click on the Ordering button above and select “Launch ROES”. Our software will download to your computer.

Express Digital Darkroom and Photoreflect

In addition to ROES, we also offer the ordering software available through Express Digital Darkroom. Express Digital powers our DM Express events printing program. To take advantage of our exceptional pricing for event printing through DM Express, contact us for a private network number for the Darkroom ordering platform.

Need a storefront for your on-line ordering? Photoreflect can help and D&M can provide the fulfillment center for your Photoreflect storefront. Find out more at or call us for details.


School and event photographers may prefer the power and ease of Photolynx’ FLOW software. D&M is a FLOW provider. Please contact Mike Burrell to get started.

DM Easy

Order prints on occasion? If so, we’ve got a solution for you too. We’ve teamed up with our sister company to make ordering easy. At you’ll find all of the products D&M offers but with a much easier, intuitive ordering platform. Upload photos directly from your phone, your pad, or even your social media accounts. Design composites, build collages, customize greeting cards…at you can do all that and then pick you order up right at D&M Imaging, or have it shipped straight to your door.

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