Let’s take a quick tour through the oneclickpix.com greeting card ordering interface.

  • First enter oneclickpix.com in your favorite web browser: Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc.
  • Create an account or don’t. It’s optional. But if you want to start a project and come back later to finish it, or if you’re tax exempt in the State of Indiana, you’ll want to to set up an account. Tax exempt certificate holders should call us so we can set your account to tax-free status.
  • Hover over the Cards menu, then click on Holidays from the drop down menu


  • Narrow your options using the search criteria. Define size, format, orientation, even number of photos, to pinpoint the design options available.
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  • Got the right design? Click “Begin Creation”.
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  • Click on the plus sign in the blue circle to add your images.
  • Then follow the prompts to place your images and add your text. You’ll find it intuitive.
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  • Add your discount code. Don’t have one? Call us.
  • After that, click on Checkout Order. From here on out, it’s just like any other on-line ordering interface.
  • Choose “Pickup in Store” to avoid shipping charges. We know our customers and we’ll get the order to you, no worries there.
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    Need help? Call us. We’re here to answer your questions.