Discover a New Photography Domain Name that Makes Your Business Memorable

Do you ever receive offers which make you feel that if you don’t purchase the advertised item right away, you’ll never have it?  That happened to me last night when I got an email from the company that hosts my photography website. Here’s what happened.

A great headline, and two effective bullet points prompted me to the checkout, without thinking at all. Then I stopped myself before processing the payment. Let me tell you what I found out, because you need to be aware of this before someone else steals what you can easily have.

You Have a Choice: .com or .photography?

So what is this all about? now allows photographers to pre-register a .photography domain name. This means that you don’t have to use .com in your domain name. It can be anything:,,,,, you name it. Imagine your name followed by .photography. No more .com, .net, and so on.

Now I can hear some of you saying, I already have a website and a domain name. True. Most of us do. But we can ask our hosting company to help us swap domain names or point the new one to a current website.

Why We Should Consider .Photography

There is nothing wrong with top level domains such as .com, .net, .org, etc. It’s a matter of personal choice. However, it’s refreshing to see and experience something new, especially if it’s easier to remember. Future prospects will be younger, so it’s wise to keep up with what they are accustomed to. Big companies are already realizing this. Consider TIME. You can access their website by typing or It’s interesting, clever, and looks nice in a social network feed.

Characteristics of a Good Name

So why did I stop myself from purchasing a .photography domain for my website? First, I don’t think impulse buying is good. We hardy make good decisions when our brains are clouded by strong desires and emotions which don’t require us to use the rational part of the brain. Second, choosing the wrong name can be as bad as not having one at all. A good name needs to be well thought out.

See It from a Client’s Perspective

A great website shows the world through your lens, and your website deserves to be attached to a good domain name. Great names can be advertisements in themselves. Some are worth a fortune. The right name can impress your prospects. But don’t rush, even if you’ve found a perfect domain name. Keep brainstorming. If it sticks in your head, it doesn’t guarantee it’ll be memorable to your customers or prospects.

Think from the perspective of your future clients while staying true to yourself. That’s the tough part. The goal is to distance yourself from your competition.  And keep in mind that not all photographers are clever enough to keep up with the changing industry. A captain shouldn’t sink with his ship!

Names that Work Well

If you decide to purchase .photography, consider what you want to project. Descriptive names work well, such as Cream of Wheat. (Their domain name is Some names have no meaning, such as Kodak, but Kodak has become well known thanks to heavy advertising and marketing.

Other names are ambiguous and need to be studied to be understood. Mazda is a perfect example. It means light and wisdom. Ahura Mazda is also a Zoroastrian god. It’s a perfect name for a car. But not everyone cares. People are bombarded with information. They want shortcuts. Therefore, a descriptive name is always a good start in the world of information.

How to Register .Photography for Your Website

Since this is news to me, and I couldn’t find good information on other websites, I’ll tell you what offers. You can go to their website to check if your domain name is available. Registration starts at $24.99/year. If you pick a domain name that may be highly competitive, then it goes to an auction.The highest bidder wins. Registration opens on February 12, 2014.

What Are Your Thoughts?

I don’t know any photographer who has a .photography domain name. I would love to know what you think. Will your website switch from .com to .photography? Let everyone know by sharing your thoughts in the comments area below. See you next week. Cheers.

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