Straight out of Hogwarts!

Live Portrait

D&M Imaging brings you the technology to make your portraits come to life! No longer will your images be static, but instead they’ll be dancing…singing…celebrating…well-wishing…announcing…thanking.

Turn your portraits into live moments that will be treasured for years to come with Live Portrait. A Live Portrait is an image and a video that have been linked together in the cloud. When you use the free Live Portrait app on your smart phone to scan a photo that has been linked to a video, the linked video will play on your smart phone. This cutting edge technology is just what the professional photographer needs to spur demand.

Use Live Portrait for holiday cards like this one. Right now, take a minute (less actually) to download the FREE Live Portrait app to your smart phone. The app will activate the camera in your smart phone. When it’s ready, scan this image and be amazed!
Imagine your studio creations coming alive in your customers hands! It’s just the edge you need in a competitive digital world.

Interested in increasing your commercial business? The possibilities with Live Portrait have just increased exponentially.

D&M Imaging has provided an entire zipped file full of useful marketing tips, sample files, FAQs, specifications, and other assets including Photoshop and AI Files. Just download the file from the link at the right and get busy bringing your portraits to life. Our ROES system is ready to accept your Live Portrait files when you use the Live Portrait catalog.

You’ll want your image to meet these specifications:

    • either a JPG or an 8-bit or 24-bit PNG
    • a JPG file must be RGB or greyscale
    • no larger than 2.25MB
    • at least 320px in width for the app to recognize it

And you’ll want your video to meet these specifications:

    • file format of either MP4, MOV, or WMV
    • under 20 seconds in length to maximize playback functionality and viewer attention span
    • 25MB or less in size because the smaller the video the faster it will load in the app.

The brides in your weddings…the graduates in your studio…the commercial clients who need head shots…the mothers of every baby you capture will thank you for bringing them this unique opportunity to come alive with every portrait you create.