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DM Imaging Event Photography Printing

We’ve created three levels of event photography printing specifically designed for school and event photographers. Choose from DMExpress, DM Event Basic, and DM Event Deluxe. And as always, all your pictures are printed on the highest quality Kodak paper.

DMExpress: 8x10s For $1

When You Control Your Color and Density

DMExpress event photography printing is designed specifically for school and event photographers who adjust their color and density in the studio. Because of the lightning fast turn-around, orders received by 10A CST ship the same day. With DM Express, finishing services are not available.

It All Happens in PhotoReflect. Here is How

DMExpress event printing is not available in ROES, our other photo ordering software. To start printing for only a buck, call us at 1-800-928-9550 to set up your special account. After your conversation with our customer service representative, you will receive a free copy of PhotoReflect. There are no membership fees, and upon installation you’ll be linked to D&M Imaging and ready to print.

PhotoReflect is Awesome and Easy to Use

PhotoReflect is an ordering software created for professional photographers. It allows you to import and organize thousands of pictures in libraries. Create new events, enhance your images when you don’t feel like opening Photoshop or Lightroom. If you’re new to PhotoReflect, we’ll help you navigate through it. Need help setting up an online store in PhotoReflect? No problem. Just let us know and we’ll take care of it. All of this for no additional charge.

DM Imaging and Photo Reflect

Some Restrictions Apply. Here They Are

DMExpress pricing is automatically applied when the following conditions are met:

  • Your order is a minimum of $25.
  • Your order consists only of 8×10 and 5×7 units.
  • Your order includes no finishing services.
  • You take full control of your color.  No remakes, no reprints.
  • You submit orders with Express Digital Darkroom Software.
  • The shipping is covered by you.
  • You pay with credit card card at time of shipping.

DM Event Basic: $1.20/unit

We Batch Color Correct For You

DMEvent Basic event photography printing is designed specifically for school and event photographers who want only a batch color and density correction applied to an entire event. Die-cutting, texture and specialty items are available. $25 minimum order required; credit card required; shipping charges apply. Select Dm Event Basic from ROES, our photo ordering software.

DM Event Deluxe: $1.55/unit

We Individually Color Correct For You

DMEvent Deluxe event photography printing is designed specifically for school and event photographers who want color and density corrections applied to each image in their event. Die-cutting, texture, and specialty items are available. Credit card required. Like all of our event products, DMEvent Deluxe prints are printed on Kodak’s professional Endura VC paper.

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