Imagine never messing with an ordering platform again. No more setting up your packages, cropping your images, choosing the right package, stuffing everything into envelopes, and then ordering the missing items from the lab.

Instead, you’d just shoot!

And about a week later you’d receive a package that you can just drop off at your client’s.  In the meantime, you can shoot something else; you can relax at the beach in the glow of a full moon; you can take your kids to the zoo, or enjoy a concert. Maybe even perfect your golf swing. But what you wouldn’t have to do is mess around with ordering softwares…with order entry…with slow internet days…with purchasing supplies…with the labor intensive act of getting your orders ready for the end receiver.

DMComplete has been designed to make your business a shoot and deliver experience for you

So how does it work? It’s simple. Just shoot your event. Then send us your images using an on-line transfer service like so that we receive them the same day. Or you can burn your images to a CD/DVD, or a jump drive, and send them to us using your favorite package delivery service. Give us the make up of your packages so we can build those packages into our printing system, and a data file or a spreadsheet that indicates which of your packages gets printed from each of your files.

And then leave everything else up to us. All you have to worry about is how to spend all of your newly discovered free time!

What about color correction and cropping?

Now, you can go ahead and edit those images with your favorite photo editing software so that we can print them without a color correction, or you can leave the color correcting up to us. We can even send you a test print before we complete the rest of your order. Of course, you get your best print price when you control your images’ color and density.

We’ve been printing pictures for decades so you can feel confident that we know how to crop for 8x10s and 5x7s, but if you’d like to specify your cropping, we’re open to that conversation and we’ll make it easy for you to get the cropping you prefer.

What about green screen services, re-order forms, event specific logos, and cutting apart units?

In short, the answer is yes. We offer green screen services. We can include re-order forms in each envelope (click here to see our standard re-order form), and we can cut those units apart if that’s how you usually package your work. Just let us know. We’ll even drop your event specific logos on the images at your request. Oh! Did we mention that our standard re-order form can be customized with your logo and contact info?

What file format and color space should my images be?

We print from .jpg files and would prefer to receive your images as such. We recommend the sRGB color space and 300ppi for best print quality. You’ll get our best pricing when you submit files that follow these guidelines and which you have already color corrected. When we provide the color correction service, we guarantee that you’re going to approve the color, or we will reprint your order at no charge. That guarantee comes with a higher per print price.

Is there a minimum order amount?

We’ve spelled out below the pricing and parameters for DMComplete, one of which is a 50 print minimum order. Please see the table below for our entire pricing schedule and turn-around time.

DMComplete Pricing

Color Corrected
Color Corrected
Print Price$1.00$1.20
Bagging per subject$0.35$0.35
You get your best pricing when you submit color corrected files.

DM Complete Additional Services

Minimum Order Quantity50 prints
One time packages set up fee*$25.00
Data Merge Fee$15 per job
Data Entry Fee$0.75 per subject
Editing for best pose$0.75 per pose
Custom template and/or text node set up$1.00 per template/product
Event specific logo added to every image$0.25 per image
Re-order form added to every envelope**$0.10
Unit cutting$0.05 per cut
Image RetouchingStarts at $4.00 per head
*One time package set up fee assumes your packages do not change between jobs.
**We'll print and include in each envelope one re-order form using our standard re-order form with your logo inserted into it. (We will require a .png of your logo.) Or, we will print and include in each envelope your re-order form which has been designed to our specifications. (We will require a .pdf of your order form.)

Green Screen* Services

Level 1 Drop$0.35 per file
Level 2 Drop$0.70 per file
Level 3 Drop$1.50 per file
Individual PhotoShop attention$3.75 per file
Outstanding green screen extraction requires very consistent, and precise shooting.
*You can save money, time, and trouble with a small investment in virtual backgrounds as a replacement for green screen shooting. D&M Imaging is not affiliated with any virtual background provider.

Turn-Around Time

Received by

Prints alone with no color correction

Prints alone with a color correction

Prints with specialty items (no color correction)

Prints with specialty items (color corrected*)

Prints with specialty items and finishing services (no color correction)

Prints with specialty items and finishing services (color corrected)
Ships same dayShips next day2-days in lab3-days in lab 3-days in lab3-4 days in lab
Orders can be placed 7days per week, 24 hours per day. We print Monday-Friday, so orders received over the weekend, or those received after 11:00AM CST, are considered the next business day's work.

Turn-around times indicated assume that we already have your packages built out into our work flow.

*Turn-around times will vary significantly if you request a paper proof before the printing of color corrected orders.