CD’s Are Going Away—How to Backup Your Computer to Preserve Important Digital Files

In the ever-changing world of technology, we are bound to gain and lose at the same time. That’s why it’s important to be aware of technological advancements, especially if the topic is on how to backup your computer. So I wanted to let you in on something, in case you’re not aware. Chances are that wherever your floppy disks are, that’s where your current CD’s will end up…very soon.

Remember those multicolored floppy disks? Do you know where yours are right now? Chances are that wherever your floppy disks are, that’s where your current CD’s will end up very soon. This topic is for those of you who heavily depend on CD’s/DVD’s for such things as file backups, transfer, CD/DVD slideshows… So what’s going on? Let’s find out.

The End of the CD/DVD Era

In 2011 Apple’s Mac Mini ditched the optical drive. It shared that same feature with its cousin, MacBook Air, a laptop without a CD/DVD drive. It was obvious where Apple was heading.

To slim the computers and improve their design, in 2012, Apple, removed optical-drives from the new line of iMac desktop computers. The same year, the beautiful MacBook Pro got more than a face lift. Besides adding the retina display to its latest line of laptops, Apple removed the optical-drives.

Apple Kills All Optical-Drives

The only Apple computer that had a CD/DVD drive was the Mac Pro, a towering and powerful desktop computer. On June 10th, 2013, at the Apple WWDC 2013 Keynote Address, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, unveiled iOS 7 and the new Mac Pro, a computer like no other! And guess what, it doesn’t have an optical-drive. So if you’re planning on buying a new Apple computer, don’t expect a slot for your CD’s or DVD’s.

But I’m using Windows. How Does This Affect Me?

Some of you might say, “But I don’t have an Apple computer, so this doesn’t affect me.” Perhaps that’s true for now, but even some computers with a Windows operating system are ditching optical- drives as they move to cloud backup solutions, a place where everyone will hang out soon.

And for all of you techies out there, you are well aware that Apple seems to set the standard. When they do something, the rest follow copy. Before we know it, we’ll have to start depending less on CD’s for backing up our files.

All this indicates that, soon, those of you who sell CD’s and DVD’s, you’ll have to start using custom USB drives or online services for slideshow presentation. We’ll discuss some creative alternatives to CD’s in the next blog.

Life Without CD’s – How to Backup Your Computer?

To prepare for the future and future upgrades, we’ll have to start thinking about a new way of storing and backing up our important files. I’ll make a few suggestions on how to backup your computer files or images without getting a physical server.

1. External Hard Drives-For Backups and Extra Storage
A good external hard drive is vital for so many of us who need extra storage. There are a few options out there, and I’ll mention two brands that I like the most.

If you prefer quality, then stick with G-Drive. At one point I had two 2TB G-Drive External Hard Drives. They’re well built and nice to look at, which doesn’t hurt.

Western Digital
For almost half the price of a G-Drive, mentioned above, you can get a 3TB My Book Essential External Desktop Hard Drive. I have one of these at home, and it works just fine.

2. Cloud Backup Solutions-Back Up Your Files Online
Cloud services made backing up pictures online not only popular but convenient. I haven’t tried many, besides iCloud, which is pretty terrible, Google Drive, which I like a lot, and Adobe Creative Cloud, which I’ll stick with. If you find one that you think is great, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

3. Apple Disc Drive – External CD Drives
If you’re on a Mac, as a growing number of D&M Imaging customers are, and you wish to use CD’s, even after you upgrade to a new Apple computer, then the Apple USB Super Drive is your solution. It’s a slim and portable external slot. You can get it at BH Photo for about $75. It’s one of the best external CD drives I’ve seen on the market.

Final Thoughts

Things are changing, whether we like it or not. Pretty soon much of our data will be in the cloud. Many people have ditched CD’s already, with their data backed up online or stored to external hard drives. Thankfully there are USB drives, or flash drives, which we can customize and present to our clients. I believe that’ll replace CD’s for now until we are completely in the cloud.

What Do You Say?

Now I want to hear from  you. Do you backup your pictures to CD’s/DVD’s? What are your thoughts when you think about how to backup your computer files or images? Let me know by sharing your thoughts in the comments area below. See you next week.

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