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We get asked all the time about the history of our lab. So here it is. Everyone at DM Imaging at one time worked for the former industry leader Burrell Colour. In 2003, Don Burrell, Burrell Colour’s founder, sold Burrell Colour to Kodak. Kodak then sold the business to Jasco Industries. With that sale, our company’s founder, Michael Burrell, branched off onto his own in order to provide the quality and service he had been mentored on during his tenure at Burrell Colour. Then in 2007, Don Burrell re-acquired Burrell Colour and ran it until February, 2016. At that time, Burrell Colour closed ending the friendly family competition that had ensued for nine years.

During our years in business, DM Imaging has concentrated on providing outstanding professional photographic printing for professional photographers. We invite you to experience the finest in quality, dedication, commitment, and service in your lab partner. The leadership and management team at DM Imaging have over 100 years of combined experience in the professional photography industry. We are passionate about quality and service.

As a team, we are determined to win your trust and business. We are motivated by the prospect of your success by providing you with a flawless finished product and reliable service.

“I just received the most beautiful, high quality canvas from you! Without naming past companies that I have tried, there are four, this is by far the most proud I have ever been to deliver my work and D&Ms! I consider it a partnership! They are substantial in weight, reinforced faces, beautifully wrapped edges, NOTHING about this even slightly compares to what I have tried in the past! Thanks to all of you for your craftsmanship! You have a customer for life!.”
“I showed 8×10 samples of D&M’s prints and my previous lab’s prints to their sales rep, who was unable to tell the difference in quality. I told the sales rep that the only difference was D&M’s price is $1.00 and your lab’s is $1.82″. Switching to your lab saved me over $12,300 per year over the past 4 years, for a total savings of over $49,000.”
Larry Titak, Titak Photography
“DM Imaging continuously meets the quick turn around times and quality standards that help keep my studio ahead of other school/sports photographers.  Our clients book years in advance because they know they will receive the best quality portraits from us time and time again. Thank you DM for working to help us achieve our goals.”
Michell Santelik, Santelik Studio

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