How You Can Create an Awesome Photography Website Within Minutes!

Nobody wants an outdated website that’s hard to manage, at least nobody I talk to. Sometimes we get lulled into ease and familiarity, trying to give ourselves reasons to like our website, while in reality we want to change it, and change it fast. But that’s where some us stumble, thinking it’s hard to create a good website. And yes, it can be. But there is a solution. First, ask yourself the following three questions: 

1. Am I happy with my website? 2. Does it represent me as a photographer? 3. Can I have a pretty yet affordable and easy to update site without hiring a developer?

The answer to these three questions can be a big yes. There are so many tools out there created for busy people like you, but not everyone has the time to hunt the ever-changing digital treasures on the web. Let me show you some amazing pre-designed photography websites into which you can incorporate your creative brand that represents you as a professional photographer.

Square Space: a Place for Pre-designed Photography Websites

Square Space provides creative tools that power the future of the web! It’s great for anyone managing their own website, yet it’s affordable. I swear to you, these pre-designed photography websites rock! Within 15 minutes I was able to create a professional looking website just by dragging and dropping.  Nope, no coding is necessary. Here are three templates I think you may like.

1. The Wells Template

This template is clean and looks awesome on mobile devices. Yes, you can customize any of these pre-designed photography websites by adding your logo, changing the color, creating additional links, and more. Click on the graphic for a live demo.

Wells Squarespace Template

2. The Momentum Template

The navigation on this site is at the bottom, which is  kind of unique, right? You can customize the navigation and other parts of the website with easy to use tools that Square Space offers. The web editing is done within the browser, no software is needed.

Momentum Predesigned Website

3. Ishimoto Template

What’s really neat about these templates is you and I can try them out for free. Select any template from Square Space, edit it, upload your own pictures to see what your website will look like. What do you think about this one? Click on it to see a live demo.

Ishimoto Squarespace Template

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

You know, so many of us are using mobile devices to browse the web. Our customers are bound to do the same. If a prospect cannot view your site on their smart phone, they may loose interest. That is why it’s important for our website to be mobile friendly.

The pre-designed photography websites I mentioned above are designed to display beautifully on mobile devices. Make sure that your site displays well on mobile, or you  may have a potential, browsing, customer loose interest in your business.

How does your website display on your cellphone? Are you planning to upgrade your website? Let me know by leaving a comment below, and I may be able to give free advice.

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